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Cooling water

Fouling in your system means that the heat exchange will not be efficient. It increases energy requirements, even when the fouling thickness is only 150 micron (slightly thicker than a human hair). When deposits form on condenser tube walls, they increase fluid frictional resistance, accelerate corrosion and impair heat transfer.
vortisand reduces biofouling
vortisand reduces the cost of fouling
Biofouling has insulating properties that are 4 times greater than CaCO3 which results in higher energy consumption.

Using clean filtered water in cooling systems is the best way of preventing the formation of sediments and insulating layers which reduce the efficiency of the heat exchanger and increase energy costs. Vortisand is an excellent way of reducing not only energy costs but the costs associated with cleaning and replacing the components used in the cooling process. With its self cleaning backwash process Vortisand reduces the amount of downtime required by your plant hence increasing capacity.

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A recent publication by the Cooling Tower Institute shows that biofilm has greater insulating potential than mineral scale deposits (CTI, Paper No. TP239A).

If you are looking to reduce costs, improve capacity with a short payback then choose Vortisand

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Cooling water