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Vortisand is an easily installed side stream or process line filtration systems that remove particulate contaminants from the cooling water down to 0.45 micron. Filtration is 10 to 20 times finer than traditional sand filters and is designed for 0.45 micron solids removal. Vortisand provides high-performance results using a unique concept that combines centrifugal separation and ultra-fine sand filtration.

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Vortisand unit uses a tangential spin across the sand to keep dirt from building up in the unit. Using centrifugal force above the multi-layered media helps to remove the suspended solids and significantly increases the effective filter surface within the tank.

How it works

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Continuous filtering will remove suspended solids which cause higher energy costs, biological fouling, scaling, corrosion and legionella in your system. Vortisand provides clean, clear water when used in conjunction with chemical treatment programs that chemical treatment alone cannot guarantee. Greater benefits will result from very fine contaminants removal.
Independant studies carried out using laser particle counters have shown that 85.95% of the particles present in the recirculation water of either closed loops (evaporator circuit) or open loops (cooling tower circuit) are less than 5 micron in size. Water from the cooling tower absorbs most dirt and airborne contaminants surrounding the tower.
The turbulence produces a sustained cleaning action that forces the suspended solids to accumulate near the inside walls of the tank. As a result, much finer sand can be used without any clogging problems. The water which is now largely free of impurities, is then filtered through the media and subsequently collected. Contaminants trapped above the sand are removed using an automatic backwash cycle which requires less water and a shorter operating time than traditional sand filters. This process contributes to longer cycles and much finer filtration levels.
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