Process water

With filtration down to nominal 0.45 micron Vortisand offers the best solution to meet the ever growing needs of industrial water treatment.
Process water
How it works
CE approved
PED approved

• Tertiary treatment after clarification to reduce suspended solids (TSS) reduction
• Waste water reuse for irrigation purposes
• Waste water reuse for process water purposes

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Typical Users
Industrial Water
Waste Water Treatment
Potable Water
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Cooling water

• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Chemical & Petrochemical Industry
• Food & Beverage Industry
• Pulp & Paper Industry
• Laboratories
• Textile Industry
• Energy Management Consultants

• Process water
• Wash water
• Spray nozzle protection
• Pre-treatment before metal recovery system
• Removal of suspended heavy metals
• Welding water treatment
• Pre-filtration for RO/DI, ion exchange systems, activated carbon and softeners
• Silt Density Index (SDI) reduction
• Removal of suspended solids, reducing or eliminating need for cartridges
• Dilution water
• Cooling water
• Heat exchange protection

• Commercial Laundries
• Electronic & Metal Industries
• Automobile Industry
• Cogeneration Plants
• Wastewater Treatment Plants
• Potable Water Treatment Plants

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• Pre-treatment before disinfection and ultraviolet light sterilisation
• Iron & manganese removal
• Potable water filtration system
• Pre-treatment before RO, ultrafiltration or nanofiltration